Canadian Open Data Summit 2014

Integrate The Data

Schedule at a Glance

Start Time Format Topic Speaker
8:00 Registration
8:30 Conference Start
(15 min)
David Hume
8:45 Opening Remarks
(15 min)
Minister Wilkinson
9:00 Keynote
(30 min)
Why Everyone Needs an Open Data Strategy Jeni Tennison
Technical Director, ODI (UK)
9:30 Talk 1
(30 min)
Open Data Canada: A Pan-Canadian Initiative Sylvain Latour
Director Open Government Secretariat
10:00 Talk 2
(30 min)
The Open Data Delusion Jay Bhalla
(CODI) Canadian Open Data Institute
10:30 Break
(20 min)
10:50 Lightning Talks
(6 @ 5min ea)
Moderator Sue Bigelow
Vancouver Archives
Open Data: Not Just Government data Paul Norman
Open Data, Big Data - Big Deal? Raj Cheema
Vancouver RentalDog David Dumaresq
Disparate data, technology fiefdoms and 65 pictures of your cat William Cadell
Beyond static datasets Alex Ritchie
Open511 Catherine Chernoff
11:30 Talk 3
(30 min)
Unknowable Country Sean Holman
12:00 Talk 4
(30 min)
Integrate Web Literacy with Mozilla Webmaker Emma Irwin
12:30 Lunch
(45 min)
1:15 Concurrent
Panel 1
(45 min)
Open Data #FAILs Alex Benay
Lessons from using open data in journalism Chad Skelton
Real Estate Transparency Adam Naamani
Why building an inter-municipal data catalogue is so freakin' difficult. (And how we will achieve it.) Todd Pugh
1:15 Concurrent
Panel 2
(1 hour)
New Paradigm, New Approach Mark Gayler
Contact any elected official in Canada James McKinney
Open Data and Community Engagement: Perspective From Québec Jean-Noé Landry
Todd Khozein
2:15 Break
(15 min)
2:30 Interactive Session
(1 hour)
Four Big Questions
Participants will be guided through a powerful engaging interactive session where we'll explore four big questions about the future of open data and where we want it to lead.
Donna Horn
3:30 Break
(15 min)
3:45 Awards First Annual Canadian Open Data Recognition Awards David Hume
4:00 Next Steps Thoughts about what we've seen and heard at the Summit. What's next for open data. David Eaves
Society Thank you from the Open Data Society of BC Kieran Harrop
4:15 Closing Remarks David Hume
6:00 Meetup Leaders Summit (offsite, optional)